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  • "I joined Pilates in Practise and have really noticed a difference."
  • "I go twice a week and never miss a class."
  • "My neck and back are in much better nick, my waist is more defined,
    and my stomach is much less wobbly!"
  • "I leave each class feeling great. I'm stronger, fitter and healthier... "
Welcome Pilates in Practise, Bristol.

Are you an elite athlete looking to improve your performance? Are you a sedentary office worker with niggling back pain? Or are you simply someone who would like to feel stronger, more flexible or even a little younger?
Pilates can be beneficial to anyone, regardless of age, sex or physical fitness.

Recommended by Osteopaths, Physiotherapists and General Practitioners as one of the safest forms of exercise today, Pilates is designed to create and maintain a long, lean and balanced muscle structure, encouraging the body towards correct alignment and improving efficiency of movement without stress or strain to joints and ligaments.

So what can Pilates do for you? Whether you want to improve your posture, strengthen your abdominals, rebuild strength after illness or injury, enhance your sports training or simply take some time out to rejuvenate your mind and body, Pilates can help you to accomplish your goal, whatever it may be!